10 de fevereiro de 2010

Top 100 - Contos em Inglês

O site Sci-Fi Lists publicou um Top 100 com os melhores 100 contos de ficção científica de todos os tempos, em inglês. Confira a lista abaixo:

The Top 100 sci-fi short stories, novelettes, and novellas

Old Rank Title Author * Year
11Ender's GameOrson Scott Cardnv1977
22NightfallIsaac Asimovnv1941
43The Nine Billion Names Of GodArthur C Clarkess1953
34The Bicentennial ManIsaac Asimovnv1976
55Flowers For AlgernonDaniel Keyesnv1959
66The Last QuestionIsaac Asimovss1956
77The Man Who Sold the MoonRobert A Heinleinna1950
88I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamHarlan Ellisonss1967
109A Boy and His DogHarlan Ellisonnv1969
910The Green Hills Of EarthRobert A Heinleinss1947
1111A Sound Of ThunderRay Bradburyss1952
1212We Can Remember It For You WholesalePhilip K Dicknv1966
1513Harrison BergeronKurt Vonnegutss1961
2014The SentinelArthur C Clarkess1951
1415There Will Come Soft RainsRay Bradburyss1950
1316RobbieIsaac Asimovss1940
1617'Repent Harlequin!' Said the TicktockmanHarlan Ellisonss1965
1818The Roads Must RollRobert A Heinleinnv1940
1919Johnny MnemonicWilliam Gibsonss1981
1720A Rose For EcclesiastesRoger Zelaznynv1963
2121The StarArthur C Clarkess1955
2322Neutron StarLarry Nivennv1966
2523All You ZombiesRobert A Heinleinss1959
2224A Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M Millerna1955
2425The VeldtRay Bradburyss1950
2826SandkingsGeorge R R Martinnv1979
2727Burning ChromeWilliam Gibsonnv1982
2628Blood MusicGreg Bearnv1983
2929The Martian WayIsaac Asimovna1952
3430The LotteryShirley Jacksonss1948
3031The Ugly Little BoyIsaac Asimovnv1958
3532And He Built a Crooked HouseRobert A Heinleinnv1941
3233By His BootstrapsRobert A Heinleinna1941
3134Who Goes There?John W Campbellna1938
3635Microcosmic GodTheodore Sturgeonnv1941
3836The Word for World is ForestUrsula K Le Guinna1972
4337The Cold EquationsTom Godwinnv1954
3938The Dead PastIsaac Asimovnv1956
3339...Where Angels Fear to TreadAllen Steelena1997
4140Unaccompanied SonataOrson Scott Cardss1979
4041Enemy MineBarry Longyearna1979
5942The Minority ReportPhilip K Dicknv1956
3743Jeffty Is FiveHarlan Ellisonss1977
4544RequiemRobert A Heinleinss1940
4845Mars Is Heaven! (The Third Expediton)Ray Bradburyss1948
4446The Persistence of VisionJohn Varleyna1978
4247Hell Is the Absence of GodTed Chiangnv2001
4748Fondly FahrenheitAlfred Besternv1954
4949The Ones Who Walk Away from OmelasUrsula K Le Guinss1973
4650PRESS ENTER [ ]John Varleyna1985
5151It's a Good LifeJerome Bixbyss1953
6152I, RobotCory Doctorownv2005
5353Second VarietyPhilip K Dicknv1953
6754The Doors Of His Face, the Lamps Of His MouthRoger Zelaznynv1965
6955The Billiard BallIsaac Asimovnv1967
5656The Long WatchRobert A Heinleinss1949
6857Beggars In SpainNancy Kressna1991
5058The Empress of MarsKage Bakerss2003
6559Houston, Houston, Do You Read?James Tiptree Jrna1976
5460The Merchant and the Alchemist's GateTed Chiangnv2007
5261The Dog Said Bow-WowMichael Swanwickss2001
5562Bears Discover FireTerry Bissonss1990
6663Home Is the HangmanRoger Zelaznyna1975
5764The DeathbirdHarlan Ellisonnv1973
5865Story of Your LifeTed Chiangna1998
7066Inconstant MoonLarry Nivennv1971
6467For a Breath I TarryRoger Zelaznynv1966
6268The Mountains Of MourningLois M Bujoldna1989
7269Mimsy Were the BorogovesKuttner & Moorenv1943
8470The Weapon ShopA E van Vogtnv1942
6071A Martian OdysseyStanley Weinbaumnv1934
7872The Big Front YardClifford D Simakna1958
7573Behold the ManMichael Moorcockna1966
8774Surface TensionJames Blishnv1952
7675The Fifth Head Of CerberusGene Wolfenv1972
7176The StarH G Wellsss1897
8077Light of Other DaysBob Shawss1966
8278ArenaFredric Brownsa1968
6379The Chief DesignerAndy Duncanss2001
7480Faith of Our FathersPhilip K Dicknv1967
7981He Who ShapesRoger Zelaznyna1965
9282Eye for EyeOrson Scott Cardna1987
7783Vintage SeasonKuttner & Moorena1976
9684Green MarsKim Stanley Robinsonna1985
7385Forgiveness DayUrsula K Le Guinna1994
8386Scanners Live In VainCordwainer Smithnv1950
8587NightwingsRobert Silverbergna1968
9588That Hell-Bound TrainRobert Blochss1958
8889But Who Can Replace a Man?Brian Aldissss1958
8190Paladin Of the Lost HourHarlan Ellisonnv1985
10291The Queen of Air and DarknessPoul Andersonna1971
11192CoventryRobert A Heinleinna1940
8693Zero HourRay Bradburyss1947
9994The Last Of the WinnebagosConnie Willisna1988
9395The Game Of Rat and DragonCordwainer Smithss1955
10996The Brave Little ToasterThomas M Dischna1980
9897Aye, and Gomorrah�Samuel Delanyss1967
10198None So BlindJoe Haldemanss1994
9099Death On the NileConnie Willisnv1993
91100Day MillionFrederik Pohlss1966

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