8 de junho de 2010

Mortal Kombat Fatalities - Obscuras, Censuradas e Raras

O game Mortal Kombat se tornou um clássico e é lembrado principalmente por seus famosos fatalities, golpes especiais que devem ser aplicados em um momento certo da luta para mostrar uma animação geralmente muito sangrenta e exagerada. Outras apelavam para o humor. Este vídeo é uma coletânea dos Falatities mais estranhos, escondidos e inesperados...

Aqui a descrição do Youtube com o detalhamento destes golpes. (em inglês)

Yet more oddities from the MK-verse. This is a fast-paced assault of the many fatalities from MK1 through MKT that aren't entirely well known for one reason or another.
MK1 (SNES) - The infamous censored fatalities.
MK1 (GEN) - I'm sure everyone is familiar with the blood code for this version. However, this is what you would be seeing if you didn't input said code.
MK1 (GB) - The censorship carried over to the handheld ports.
MK1 (GG) - Ditto. However, this Game Gear port has a blood code like the Genesis version, thus restoring the violent fatalities if you enter it.
MK2 (SNES) - A small example of how the fatalities were censored in the Japanese version of MK2.
MK2 (GB) - One small altered fatality. Notice how the skeleton sprite from MK1 is used.
MK2 (GG) - Some minorly altered fatalities.
MK3 (GB) - Exclusive fatalities. Note that Shao Kahn's hammer move can only be used during the "Finish Him!" sequence, so it's sort of a fatality. Playing as Kahn causes many graphical glitches, as you can see.
MKT (PC, PSX, and SAT) - Fatalities from the "classic" characters which are not included in the Supreme Demonstration. Kung Lao's fatality refused to decapitate, so I'm led to believe it's broken. (Edit: Oops, seems I'm wrong about that.) Also, I included Johnny Cage's backbreaker fatality since it, too, is not in the Supreme Demonstration, but also because this fatality was replaced in the N64 version.
MKT (N64) - The exclusive N64 fatalities. Cage's triple head decapitation is N64-only.
MK Advance (GBA) - The exclusive/crap fatalities from this trainwreck of a port.

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